Sunday, December 27, 2015


For All Your Writing Needs ... Uncompromising Excellence!

My name is Yael Eylat-Tanaka.  I write books, articles, promotional material, newsletters, academic reports, press releases, speeches, and of course, blogs.  Not to be overlooked are letters, a lost art, to be sure, whether personal or business letters. Whatever your writing need, I can produce it for you, rapidly and efficiently.

I am proficient in the most popular formatting styles, including MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian.

I am able to distill your message into bite-sized elements that deliver a punch to the reader.

Please peruse the links described on the left under My Other Interests to get a sense of my writing style, along with the various activities I am involved in (e.g., The Natural Speaker: public speaking; Sticklers for Syntax: Correct English usage; Ambrosia Palette: Painting; Music Ecstasy: Some of my favorite pieces of music; etc.).

I have had hundreds of articles published under my own byline, and countless others as a ghostwriter.
I specialize in:
  •      Travel writing
  •      Health and fitness
  •      Nutrition/the Mediterranean Diet
  •      Values/Ethics/Morals
  •      Finance:  Options trading, retirement planning
  •      Art and Music
I am selective about the projects I accept, but once I receive the go-ahead, I immerse myself in the project and carry it to completion with integrity, alacrity, and excellence.

My writing collaborator, Dr. John E. Christ, and I have created an additional source for all your writing needs - behold PEN-MASTERS!

Feel free to contact either one of us for a free consultation! 

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I am available for consultation. Feel free to use the Contact Form on the right to stay in touch with me. And in exchange for your email, I will send you a free PDF copy of a book of your choice with my compliments. 

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