I have an international background, and a love of world cultures and languages. My schooling began in Israel, continued in Paris, and culminated with a degree in psychology in the United States. I have been a medical language specialist since 1988 (now retired), as well as having spent seventeen years working in the legal field. 

These days, my time is spent writing and narrating. I have written and published 36 books (some under a pseudonym), and help others do the same. My services include proofreading and editing, as well as helping my clients upload and get their manuscripts ready for voiceover narration. I offer voiceover services as well, where my voice is a good fit for the theme. 

As an editor or voiceover narrator, I am committed to professionalism in all matters. To that end, I want to make sure that my clients' business, promotional materials, website, reports, or press releases be top notch in terms of grammar, structure, and style. 

This is my promise to you: If I accept your project, I will devote my energies to its completion with integrity and excellence; I will provide you with a copy of my editing through tracking functions, as well as through personal communication with you. Courteous feedback is an essential component of my service.


Yael Eylat-Tanaka

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