After working for 17 years as a legal assistant, reading, reviewing, and sometimes drafting legal documents, I changed fields to become a medical language specialist in 1988. Since then, I have studied the medical jargon, and edited many medical reports for grammatical and syntactical accuracy.

My schooling began in Israel, and continued in Paris. I graduated Florida International University with studies in statistics, international finance, languages, eventually earning my degree in psychology with honors. It was during my graduate classes in psychology that I fell in love with the exacting process of writing and editing academic papers.

I am a child of the world: My grandparents were Turkish, my mother French, my father Tunisian, and my husband is Japanese. I was born in Israel. Suffice to say that I speak several languages. Such a multicultural foundation has trained the language centers of my brain to deal with the variations in syntax among various languages. This has created a deep understanding of the subtleties and nuances of language. 

With this background, I am well qualified to offer my services to writers, academics and researchers, or anyone who might be pressed for time, or wants another pair of eyes to finalize a report; and with the reach of the Internet, I am not limited to any geographical area.

You want to present yourself as professionally as you can. To that end, it is essential that your business, including all its promotional materials, such as Website, reports, or press releases be top notch in terms of grammar, structure, and style. 

This is my promise to you: If I take on your project, I will devote my energies to its completion with integrity and excellence; I will provide you with a copy of my editing through tracking functions, as well as through personal communication with you. Courteous feedback is an essential component of my service.