Editing includes checking for content, syntax, sentence structure, clarity, voice, and style of any creative work, technical material, research (medical, legal, humanities), or Website.  Whether you need a cursory review, or more extensive rewriting, my initial assessment of your draft will determine such issues as:
  • Are there any typos, punctuation or capitalization problems?
  • Is your writing clear?
  • Is there needless wordiness?
  • Are the arguments clearly presented and outlined?
  • Are your images/charts properly placed and captioned?
  • Is your bibliography correctly formatted?
  • Are your references uniform?
  • In research papers, is your abstract succinct and appropriate to the topic?
The end result is that your finished manuscript will reflect the best expression of contemporary English.

Before I can begin editing your manuscript, I will need to review it for length, extent of revisions needed, and your time frame.  You will need to email your document to me, along with any specific requirements, such as any special formatting, adhering to the guidelines of APA, MLA, AP styles, or the Uniform System of Citation.  Such a preliminary review will establish a course of action for the level of work required, as well as the pricing. 

 "I’m very happy you showed me the correct US usage of some of my more unique phrasing. I appreciate that very much. You found lots of little errors other beta readers missed! You’re a bleedin’ star, mate.

"Seriously, I just had a quick read of your email and your advice is top-notch, the best, I couldn’t hope for more."

~Rob Parnell, Easy Way to Write

Yael Eylat-Tanaka
(813) 644-7883