Cost depends on the amount of work required, the length of a document, and the time frame.  In general, I do not charge by the hour, because estimating time required is an imprecise model.  Rather, I prefer to charge by the page.  A page is conventionally accepted as double spaced and consists of 250 words.  I base my prices on a 300-word page. All proofreading and editing prices quoted here are for electronically delivered documents.

Estimates of costs apply to the initial draft and include figures, images, charts, tables, captions, references, and citations.  The fees charged are based on the level of editing required: 

Level 1:   $2.50 per page* - The document is well written, concise and clear, and requires only an overview and minor modifications of punctuation, idiomatic expressions, errant typos, or style.  

Level 2:  $4.00 per page* -  The document is readable, but does not conform to modern English usage.  It may be ambiguous or wordy.  There may be problems in syntax, or subject-verb agreement.

Level 3:  $10.00 per page* - The document needs major rewriting to correct for incoherent structure, ambiguities, rambling, or jumbled expressions. 

*A page is 8-1/2 x 11, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

A cost estimate will be generated that takes into account the level of work required, and the deadline for completion. 

If you agree to the estimate, you will receive a Letter of Agreement that will be signed by both parties.  A 10% deposit will be required. 

  • I adhere to strict guidelines regarding client confidentiality and plagiarism.  No part of your manuscript will ever be disseminated in any way.
  • I must have the entire draft before I can submit a viable estimate.
  • I edit using U.S. English standards.
  • The draft should be in one of the conventional word processing programs, such as Word or OpenOffice.  I also accept .PDF documents.
  • I am always available to communicate with my clients, by email or phone.
  • I use PayPal exclusively.  
The Go-Ahead
Once we are agreed on the terms, I will begin work on your project.  If questions arise, I shall communicate with you directly.  Once I have completed your project, I will return it to you, with all tracking notations visible, along with a synopsis of comments, questions, and recommendations.  You will then review my work and get back to me with any other issues that should be ironed out.  Obviously, we both must be available by email and otherwise during this critical process.  
Please note that editing and proofreading does not include research of factual content.

Let Us Design Your Book Cover
Whatever your needs, whatever your industry, I will create your perfect book cover using your preferences as to color, images and styles, all for the low price of $500.00. 

Please look through my own published books; all covers were created by me. Some of my available designs were taken from my own artwork which can be viewed at my artist website,

The piecemeal approach may be fine for some, but a package deal is at once more efficient and much more economical.  Consider hiring me to do it all: 
  • Proofread/edit.
  • Formatting the manuscript for selected self-publishing platform
  • Creating a Table of Contents, headers/footers and pagination (if needed)
  • Creating an account and uploading your manuscript to online publishers.
  • Creating an attractive cover.
Package price would depend on the size and difficulty of the project, as well as the time frame.  

Yael Eylat-Tanaka

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